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Florent Lebon

PhD, Neuroscience

Florent Lebon
41 years old
Driving License
Villeurbanne (69100) France
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
My main topic is focused on the effect of motor imagery on motor learning, performance and rehabilitation after peripheral and central injuries.
My research encompasses behavioural and cognitive neuroscience and psychophysiology.
  • Main Research interest: neurophysiology of action and motor learning, cognitive neurosciences, motor imagery, inhibitory mechanisms, cerebral plasticity.
  • Teaching: neuroscience, cerebral plasticity, motor learning, statistics
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  • Project on cortical inhibition (competition - resolution) during selection of action.
  • Assessment of corticomotor excitability with transcranial magnetic stimulation.
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  • Member of the Neurology Research Group (Dir. Pr Alan Barber), Department of Medicine, Centre for Brain Research, University of Auckland
  • Member of the Movement Neuroscience Laboratory (Dir. Pr Winston Byblow), Faculty of Sport and Exercise Science, University of Auckland
  • Associate member of the Motor and Mental Performance Laboratory (Dir. Pr Christian Collet) - Centre for Sport Research (CRIS, EA647, Dir. Pr Thierry Terret) - University of Lyon (France)
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  • My research projects encompass behavioral psychology and cognitive neuroscience. The main goal is to understand the link between neural processes underlying motion (movement preparation, mental simulation, action language). Ongoing works include the development of non-pharmacological interventions, such as mental practice or non-invasive cognitive stimulation, for motor learning and rehabilitation of pathologies implying the sensorimotor system. To become independent and pursue these projects (materials, recruitment of doctoral and post-doctoral students), I obtained several fundings (local, national and international). Building on my academic background, I have developed a research network involving national and international researchers (Belgium, New Zealand, United States).

French Diploma HDR

University of Bourgogne Franche-Comté

Since July 2018
This French diploma allows me to independently supervise PhD students.

Title: Motor learning and neural plasticity through the motor imagery process
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PhD in Neuroscience - Sport Science

University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)

September 2006 to December 2009
Title: Motor imagery effectiveness in enhancing motor performance and recovery – muscular strength and motor imagery –

Supervisors: Dr Aymeric Guillot & Pr Christian Collet

Motor and Mental Performance Laboratory (P3M, Dir. Pr Christian Collet)
Centre for Sport Research (CRIS - EA647, Dir. Pr Thierry Terret).
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